E-marketing has become one of the most important concerns of large and large companies, factories, restaurants, shops and small and large tourist villages. E-marketing and e-commerce have opened new markets and targeted customers. E-marketing has surpassed the product or service of regional borders to be present in domestic and international markets. In various fields, the most important online marketing channels are marketing on social networks and marketing through advertising sites and archiving through SEO search engines

Layali Al-qamar offers many services in the field of e-marketing:
  1. Create pages in the name of your company and business on the most popular media platforms (Facebook – Twitter – Entragram – YouTube – and according to the planning prepared by us) and full management of the platforms media media.
  2. Establish attractive content and the formulation of a permanent and continuous on all pages in an innovative and distinctive.
  3. Pages – daily, even on vacation.
  4. Design of high-quality images, videos and visual content.
  5. Optimize and target audiences interested in your domain and business.
  6. Show your brand and show it on a large scale.
  7. Respond to comments and messages and increase interaction on pages.
  8. Accused of excellence Alehm.-
  9. continuous development and demonstrate proficiency among competitors across all channels Altoasl.-
  10. work weekly and monthly statistics on the work of the page and send it to K.
  1. We target people who are interested in your area and business.
  2. Design advertising images professionally and attractively to the customer.
  3. Manage all campaigns continuously and even on holiday.
  4. Get traffic and customers and achieve the highest sales at the lowest possible cost.
  5. Make weekly statistics for all campaigns and send them to you.